Monday, July 14, 2008

A busy fun weekend

We've been busy this weekend. The girls had their usual swimming and dance lessons which I took them to this week as Jez was busy attacking the kitchen. Whilst we were at ballet the school was having its summer fair (the school where dance classes are held, not Emilia's school) so we had fun there in between classes.

On Sunday we took the girls to the circus, Billy Smart's Circus which was fantastic. Even Sullivan was enthralled. Every single act was amazing, the trapeze artistes were stunning, the fireman was hilarious and breathtaking at the same time. I couldn't choose between any of them to be my favourite.
It was Emilia's sports day today, we all enjoyed ourselves. Emilia worked really hard, she loves being active. Here's a selection of photos from this morning.
Upside down Maddie
She's got my legs!
Concentrate Emilia!

Maddie in the preschoolers race.

Walking home from school on friday afternoon. They are the best of friends although they argue...a lot!

Maddie had her preschool leavers show on friday afternoon, all the children were dressed up as nursery rhyme characters. It was great fun and very sweet. Maddie was Little Bo Peep.

Hopefully the video works!

Have a great day xxx


picperfic said...

wow, you got some action shots there, love the one of Millie hopping and the one of her/your legs! The video worked fine...awwww, little honey! I especially love that photos of them walking home together, precious times!

TutleyMutley said...

That wheeeeee shot is magnificent - I usually get a picture when the subject has bounced out of shot completely!

Thimbleanna said...

I do believe that's the most beautiful Little Bo Peep I've EVER seen! What a fabulous video. And like grandma, I LOVE that photo of the two girls walking, so sweet!!!