Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oh my!

We live in a relatively 'nice' area, not much happens here. But, we do have a druggy house at the end of the road which gets raided about twice a year. The bloke who owns it is the head honcho and rents out rooms to his stooges. The house was raided by the drug squad this morning which I ignored as it is par for the course.

However I was just about to put Sullivan to bed when I looked out of the window and there was 5 police cars, 1 paddy wagon and what I thought was an incident support van. There was also a couple of blokes in white overalls and a white tent.

That was it....I called Emilia (who was watching Dr Who on BBCi) and got her to get her shoes on, Sullivan was put in the buggy and we went for a walk to the garage to get some milk that we didn't need [whistle]. As we got closer we saw that the incident van was in fact the Royal Navy Bomb Squad...and there was a bomb disposal robot in the car park of the furniture shop.

We went to the garage and chatted to another person who had gone out for an unnecessary pint (of milk) and apparently someone from the house has blown his hands up trying to make a bomb to scare someone....How clever.

I'll post links to news items about this if I find any.


pinkphish said...

Wow what a plonker! Thank goodness it was only himself he hurt.
I would have gone out for milk too!

picperfic said...

what a story...a bit scary though! Did the shop have any milk left?

Anita said...

Saw your road on the local news - scary stuff. Hope all the fuss has died down now - fancy losing a hand to it. Good job he's not a knitter....

Thimbleanna said...

Oh My indeed! What a scary story. And your Mum is so funny -- who's thinking about how much milk is left at a time like this LOL???