Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3 months old

Can you believe that three whole months have gone since Sullivan was born? He is such a sunny little chap, always smiling and chatting :) The girls are both still besotted with him and can't stop kissing and cuddling him. I'm really very lucky.

I'm gradually feeling better about myself, I have a lot of support from health professionals here. My health visitor is lovely, she visits me every week just for a chat to see how I am doing. Next week I am having a session of what is called 'Human Givings'. It's been described as a cross between psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. I'm a bit cautious about it but it is free so I'm going to give it a go.

I plan to start Slimming World on monday, my eating has become out of control and weight is creeping back on instead of off...grr. Thank goodness Mum and Barry are getting married soon, it's a good incentive to slim down!

Mum came to stay for a week a couple of weeks ago. It was wonderful to see her and Barry. Mum made the girls their bridesmaids dresses. They are so pretty but you will have to wait for the wedding photos to see them :-p. If you go to her blog you can see the wonderful pictures she took whilst she was here.

Went to Lyme Regis on sunday and met up with Dh's parents. Had a lovely day walking on the harbour in the very warm winter sunshine. Sullivan even had his first sand experience. I took his socks off and let him wriggle his toes in the sand, he seemed to like it. No photo to show you unfortunately as I look like a beached whale and I am not going to subject you to that!

Emilia enjoyed herself in the sand :)

On the knitting front I have almost finished Sullivan's Peace Baby sweater and then I have a pair of socks to make. I'm starting to enjoy knitting again which must mean that I am getting better!

Enjoy this video of Sullivan, It's the first on I've put on the blog and I hope it works!


picperfic said...

the little video works fine! He is so busy, I love him so much! I am putting weight on too, although a visit to the nurse today and being weighed might just be the incentive I need to stop stuffing my face! Glad you are feeling better, knitting is a soothing therapy! x

Batty said...

Oooh, look at that smile! He's having so much fun batting at his toys, it's adorable. Very active little guy, not just lying there and waiting for the world to entertain him.

sue said...

Oh I didnt realise that was your mum. I love reading her blog through ravelry. I too suffered post natal depression after having my 2nd child, and found it really difficult to cope with everything. Tiredness was a big factor in it too as she wouldnt sleep much so it got me run down as well. I found that being outside in the garden helped too. I hope you feel better soon, just take one day at a time.

razmabaz said...

I just love that photo of M.... well, Sully is quite adorable too. :^)

The "weight" word is not too well spoken of lately... dunno why :-|