Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Getting back into the swing of things

So much knitting has been done over the last couple of weeks. I've been washed out but starting to feel better again now, my iron count was low so I'm hoping that all the iron rich food I've been eating along with the spatone I'm taking is helping boost things up. DH is fantastic, he is doing so much of the housework as well as decorating the front room.

I've got loads of pics to show you, but for now I'll just post the latest knits and a couple of the girls. Baby mitts, thumbless for easy on off ability. I'm not sure whether I should put a cord on these or not, any opinions?
Monkey socks - what a great pattern, I think I'll try to make some mini monkeys for the girls. Regia 4 colour. I love the way this yarn softens and blooms after washing.

Forest baby hat.
Camouflage baby set, so cute! I think I'd be happy with a boy if he got to wear this set! Jaeger baby merino, a wonderful yarn!
Baby hat from one skein and a pair of socks for school friend of E's who's mum has just had a baby girl.
The finished pinwheel blanket, it is the perfect size for a pram/crib/moses basket. I love it and I have plans afoot for a different one.
Tootsie baby hat using sirdar click dk. Not my favourite yarn but great colours.
And finally...I made the skirtsicle from Magknits in 2 days! I used 4 balls of Anchor Magicline cotton and the age 6 pattern for Maddie although she is not 4 yet! Lovely pattern but the sizes are a little small, perhaps I just have tall children!
Millie feeding a wallaby and holding a snake at Exmoor Zoo, she's a brave girl!
Maddie stroking a Skunk! Pooey!
Sorry for the pictures and captions post. I'm still getting tired easily and just doing this has worn me out.
Tomorrow - photos of Sock pal socks and a wonderful knitty SP parcel.


Holly said...

You've been super busy! I love all the pictures. Your completed works are all adorable, and your girls are beautiful! And the kirtsicle is awesome - can't believe you knit it up so fast!

peri said...

Lovely baby knits. Gosh aren't the girls growing up - where has the time gone?

Hope you are keeping well.

{{{{hugs & xx}}}}

Alarid said...

I'm in love with that blanket!
The colours are wonderful!

picperfic said...

aww those girls! Looks like you've been very busy with those beautiful creations! Look after yourself, that creation in your tummy is taking it's toll on you! xxx

Batty said...

You have been so productive! I love the socks, hat, blanket... everything is just so cute! Those girls are the only thing that's even cuter.

sue said...

I love all the baby knits, and the blanket is really beautiful. I hope your energy levels pick up soon. Your girls have grown up so much. I will have to check out the skirt pattern too, and perhaps I will need to make it longer as my daughter is 6 but has the height of an 8 yr old.

jpknits said...

Such sweet little items!
Wishing you the best.

Ruth said...

Wonderful knits! I'd go ahead and put a cord on those thumbless mitts ... baby socks/mitts get lost so easily ...