Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Try again!

I tried to post the album again, but it just didn't work so here are a few photo's from our holiday and Josie and Mark's wedding.

Bunny Maddie - free face painting in Inverness, they were celebrating the diversity of the Highlands.
Butterfly Millie
Maddie built this tower all by herself, it was taller than her!
Beautiful Josie looking so excited and happy, walking down the aisle with her Dad.
The boys in kilts. Scottish Weddings are wonderful!

This weeks knitting. The back of the stripey hoddie from Erika Knight's Baby Bloom/Knitting for two. It's going quite fast but all the colour changes slow me down! The girls keep asking if it is for the baby, I suppose it's because of the pastel colours. I started it on sunday. The yarn is mainly Patons Washed Haze aran, but there is some all seasons cotton and Ice yarns something in there too.
I'm sending out a huge 'HI' to all my new visitors/commentors. It's great to see you and hope that you enjoy my blog!
Marianne, thank you for the heads up on the Cleomes, They will feature in my garden next year hopefully!


picperfic said...

I only looked at that book on Tuesday, saw that pattern and thought of you! Yes, I do have the Knitter's Almanac....

Doesn't Josie look so beautiful, her hair surprised me but I really think it suits her. Looks like you had good weather too.

Love those photos of the cute and happy!! x

Batty said...

Face painting, what fun!

And the boys in kilts are just the very cutest. Somehow, that looks even more adorable than little boys in suits.