Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sports day....We had a summer's day!

Just look at the concentration in these faces! Emilia only dropped her egg once :)

Yesterday was the last day of term for Emilia, the sun shone and the school managed an impromptu sports day. Each class did one race each - Emilia's was the egg and spoon race - then the pre-school children had a race although Madeleine was rather disgruntled that they had sellotaped the eggs to the spoons! After the races everyone, including parents were treated to Ice lollies. A wonderful morning :)

Emilia had an afternoon playing Tag Rugby which she loves and when I picked her up she had rosy cheeks and rosier shoulders. Bad Mummy wasn't expecting it to be so warm and sunny and hadn't put any sun cream or even a hat on her. *slaps wrist*

These are Emilia's socks, made in Regia cotton given to me by the wonderful MaryAnnLucy in the last knitty sp round. She's a sweety. I've still got 60g of yarn left so I plan on making a pair of ankle socks for Maddie and then using the remainder with another colour of Regia Cotton to make myself some funky socks. The pattern I used was from Vogue knitting on the go - Socks 2 and is the girls lace ankle socks. I love this book and plan on collecting more VK on the go books.
Better go, I've let Emilia play Make-up shops with Madeleine unsupervised....
Ali xxx
Oh yes, first day of the school holidays, dh away overnight and guess what time they woke me up...6am! Grrr! I sent them away to play Polly Pocket but couldn't settle.


picperfic said...

aww...those girls are so precious...I would have been really annoyed if they'd sellotaped my egg on! Love those socks, that book sounds nice..another one for my wish list!

maryannlucy said...

What a great last day to have, sunny weather, ice lolies and egg and spoon races (even if they are sellotaped). Those socks are lovely, the colours worked really well and they look very soft.

Rain said...

Rocket lollies, I haven't had one of those in ages. So glad they had some decent weather for their sports day, looks like they had fun.

Love those socks, the colours are gorgeous

Batty said...

They are both so coordinated! I never managed to go more than a pace or two without dropping that egg.

gourdongirl said...

Hope you have nice weather for the rest of your school holidays. We only have 3 weeks left up here and the weather has been terrible!

So glad Emilia loves tag rugby, it great fun and excersise for the kids.