Friday, July 13, 2007

A bear, a bunny and co.

We've been away and I have lots of lovely pictures to show you, but for now I'll just let you see

my finished knits. Above is myself and the girlies at the wedding we went to last weekend. I'm wearing the Debbie Bliss pure silk ribbed wrap top which I am pretty pleased with, Millie and Maddie have their dresses and cardigans on which look gorgeous. Emilia's dress shrunk slightly in the wash and the lining shows now. I'm going to put a row of lace on the bottom of the lining so it looks like a pretty layered dress.

The bunny is for my MIL who has had a coronary artery bypass graft and is still in hospital as the wound is weeping and she is still in a lot of pain. The operation went well though and she should be home this weekend. Another Debbie Bliss pattern, from Toy Knits, knit in stash acrylic and cotton.

The bear is for Maddie as she fell in love with the shop display one and MADE me buy the hateful King Cole sprinkles yarn to make her one. I love the finished teddy and I know she will but I will NEVER, NOT EVER buy this splitty, bobbly, squeaky yukky yarn again! (snob!)

This little cardi was gifted to me by Leslie, who we stayed with when we were away. A gorgeous little crochet matinee coat. I'd downloaded a very similar pattern myself!

Please click on the pictures for larger images, especially the one of the 3 of us, you'll be able to see the cardigan's much clearer.

PRINCESS!! text me, I'd love to meet up before you go :)


picperfic said...

Oh Ali, you all look so beautiful, I absolutely love your cardi! You look gorgeous! What a clever Mummy you are making all those clothes! Love the bunny and the teddy..poor MIL, I must get in touch with her. We are just going to pick up Laurie for the week! xx

Annie said...

Is that a Babette Blanket in the background??? Beautiful!

Rain said...

You all looked so pretty for the wedding.

You have my sympathies over the yarn for the bear. That stuff is evil.

Hope your MIL has a speedy recovery.

Marianne said...

Hi Ali! Love this photo of you and the girls, your green wrap is a beauty and looks so pretty on you, the girls are gorgeous and their little cardis and dresses, SO very pretty!

Here are some links for the Cleome flower, I honestly can't remember 'which' Queen my seed packet was, the beauty of this flower is that once you get a few, or even a couple of them growing they reseed themselves famously and the seed are so very tiny they'll get blown all round your garden, you have to keep watch on them or they'll be everywhere, but I think they're so pretty I haven't minded much. (plus it's easy enough to thin/weed them out), they don't smell 'good', they're just very pretty.

Take care...Bump is beautiful! :^)

Batty said...

Everything is beautiful!

That's just such a nice picture of the three of you, all dressed up and pretty.

Webbo said...

Such a beautiful family in beautiful things!The top looks great - I can see how it would be a drag to knit but the product looks worth it.