Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm not sure if I'm back...

But here are some photo's for you :)

This is Emilia's dress for the Christening and Wedding we are going to in May and July. I love it! It just needs a hook and eye above the zip and it is finished. I love the old fashioned design but funky fabric mix. Madeleine is having a dress in the same fabric but a different style.
Look what arrived in the post this morning. No, Not Madeleine! Mum has made her and Emilia a beautiful summer dress each. She looks so cute and is over the moon to have pockets! I'll get a photo of Emilia in hers after school. Thank you Mum. I love you x

Look what else Mum has made. Don't you just adore Emilia's skirt. It is a Knitpicks pattern, made in shine sport and just looks beautiful. Her fairisle skills are amazing. Even though it is cotton, it will wear well in the winter too. Maddie can't wait until Millie grows out of it!

12 weeks and 1 day today. Still waiting for my appointment for the 12 week scan. My midwife only works on thursday so I have to wait until tomorrow to find out what has happened to the appointment. It should have come through last week. I just want to see this baby so I can relax and start enjoying growing!
I've had an amazing round of Secret Pal from knitty this time. MaryAnnLucy was my pal and she has been amazing. I'll post photo's of my haul tomorrow hopefully, along with the beautiful Hoover Blanket she made for me.
I've finished a cardigan for Emilia, from the RYC Mother and Baby book. It was meant to be for Maddie but after washing it fits E perfectly! I've started a different one for Madeleine. Photo's soon.
Thanks for sticking by me and waiting for a post, I know it has been a long time. I'll try to keep up again.


bradyphrenia said...

love all the pretty prints and that skirt is adorable. i want one!

picperfic said...

I can just see Millie in that dress, clever you!! Isn't summer so lovely, all these pretty colours! And look at you with your darling bump!! Thanks for showing these photos Ali, I forgot to take pictures myself! Doh!

Marianne said...

Ali, the dress is beautiful!
Daughter like Mother here, such very clever women!
Beautiful bump.

Jessica said...

Those dresses are beautiful! That skirt is too cool. I want one! ;D YAY, 12 weeks. 1/3 of the way done. COngrats!

maryannlucy said...

Goodness, no wonder you are tired. That dres is beautiful! You and your mum are talented, I love what you have both been up attempts pale in comparison ;-)
Good to see you looking so healthy too.
Hope your check up with the midwife went ok.....
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those dresses are just gorgeous! I hope your check up went well.

Zonda said...

Beautiful dresses and girls! Love the skirt! Glad you are doing well! Take care! :)