Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowdrops, baking and Double Scoop!

I finally finished E's double scoop from Knitty, mainly knit in Patons Washed Haze aran with a little bit of peter pan Darling for the cone and RYC soft lux for the chocolate. I've made it nice and big so it will look good over a swimsuit at the beach. It's taken me about 6 months off and on to finish this! I did the back stripy as well as the sleeves because, well, I felt like it :)

We went to Hartland Abbey for Snowdrop Sunday this weekend. I was full of sinus/migraine pain but I was determined to enjoy myself, and I did!

I love this picture, I wanted to take a photo of the dusty window with all it's paint brushes and flower pots but the girls wanted to see what I could see, so they are in the photo too :)

This is why we came.

I still did some baking this weekend, more pumpkin scones for lunch, a white milk loaf and some scrummy lime butterfly cakes...all gone now!

Right, I'm off to put some knitting magazines on Ebay.
Have a great day, love Ali xxx


Anonymous said...

The sweater is beautiful! I get so hungry when I read your blog because of all the yummy things you bake. :)

picperfic said...

that jumper looks so warm and snuggley on Millie, she is smiling so nicely for all your photos. Such yummy food too, hand made bread, you must be exhausted!! My clever girl!x

Batty said...

That sweater is adorable, and your girls are both so pretty. Those are beautiful pictures.

I'm drooling over the butterfly lime cakes. They look delicious.

Rain said...

It's gorgeous. The colours really suit her and she looks lovely in it.

Zonda said...

Beautiful job on the sweater! The girls are lovely! And the food...I'm drooling!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

The sweater is too cute! ANd I'd have to agree with the above post....very hungry whenever I read your blog :) Love all the yummy pics...Keep them coming! Your daughter looks adorable in the sweater! xoxo carrieknits