Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Morning (edited to add finished bag)

Happy Tuesday!

I went to the dr this morning as I am fed up feeling yuk all the time. My sinuses were so bad on sunday that I spent most of the day in bed or talking on the great white telephone. I'm often pukey when I've got a temperature. She's given me some antibiotics for the infection and I'm having loads of blood tests next week including thyroid which may be interesting as there is a strong family history of thyroid problems. But I don't think it is that though. She also thinks I may be depressed, I don't think so as I've been there and know how it affects me. She's given me a Becks q'naire to complete and bring back next week but I've completed so many before and studied them as part of my degree that I know how to fudge the answers! I'll do it properly though.

Maddie started proper ballet yesterday afternoon, doesn't she look delicious! I expected to have to stay in the class with her but she was more than happy to go in on her own. 3 is so grown up nowadays!

This is a bag I've designed. Made from Rowan Tapestry which is a gorgeously soft wool/soy mix but still tickles me so I wouldn't be able to wear it next to my skin. It's felting in the machine as I write. The shade number is 172. Crocheted in treble using 6mm hook.

After felting, this yarn felts beautifully. I use a 30 minute quick wash with powder detergent, no softener and usually have to do it twice. Once was enough for this baby!After sewing up, what do you think? I'm ever so pleased with it. It's only big enough for a purse and mobile phone, lipstick too but it's gorgeous!

*I know how to blow my own trumpet!*

Before I go and make sticky cinnamon buns and fairy cakes with Maddie, here's a picture of Emilia and her friend C in their Christmas play outfits :)


picperfic said...

aww those girls! All of them, including you...mirror mirror on the was, I am my mother after all!

I think its the time of year more than depression, just the fact that you have such pain and fever from your sinuses can make you feel low, I daresay the sinus problem is only making your migraines worse, I know it affects me but then I have always been affected, as my Mum would say lol

That shot of Maddie brings a lump to my throat...get well soon Ali..xxxx

picperfic said...

Morrisey in the Eurovison....hope he cheers up!

Faerynuff said...


It would be interesting...

I know I'm becoming you, it's the way my hair has gone curly that's confirmed it!

picperfic said...

that bag is lovely...I think you shold make one for the gallery?

Batty said...

Beautiful bag! And your little ballerina is adorable. I remember ballet classes, they were so much fun. Hope she has a blast!