Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The land of make believe

Didn't Kadjagoogoo sing this? Or was it Limahl (isn't he a funny looking bloke!)? No, it was Bucks Fizz!

Anyway, Here are my weekend knits, 3 crowns from Interweave Knits and a little bag from my head. The crowns are made with Jaeger baby merino and Berocco Laser fx, (thanks Roxy)

The bag is made using Debbie Bliss Cashcotton. I'm going to write up the pattern and have it as a free one soon.


Batty said...

Those look like so much fun! I remember my pink and glittery phase. It's a happy thing.

mmStyle said...

Thanks for the washing tip, faerynuff. I love the crown-lovely pic, musrt be your daughter and she is beautiful!-looked further down-they both are! Love the slippers, too! Think I will have to add a link to your blog so I can see all your wonderful knitting ideas.

picperfic said...

oh my baby.....I love Maddie's solemn expression...wish my Mummy had made me a crown... X

Mary, Mary... said...

I need a crown asap. I am in love with my Colinette Prism--I really like the color variatoins between the cotton and wool.