Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Final Fo's of 2006

Did you have a good Christmas? I hope so! We did. It was lovely being on our own, letting the girls play with their presents without herding them in and out of the car to visit people. We loved our Christmas!

New Year was good too, quiet again. Mum, Barry and Maisie came to stay and we had a lovely time with them.

DH had his birthday on saturday and we went to the beach which was wet, cold, windy and fun!
Here are some photo's for you to peruse, Later on I will be totting up the number of knits for 2006. There are some more photos to come but they are on the other camera and I can't find it!

Bangle Bags, Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon and an unnamed blue ribbon yarn.

I finished this sock yesterday, my first FO of 2007. It fits perfectly, so warm and I am very proud of it!
This is Calorimetry, a www.knitty.com pattern. Made in King Cole chunky boucle Twist. I don't actually like it but it certainly stops wind headaches!
Maddies Fuzzy Feet, from Knitty again but I used the pattern in KnitWit. Cascade 220 and Wendy Chic. The mittens are knit in RYC cash soft dk and Jaeger baby Merino. It's a Patons pattern.

Millie's Twinkletoes, another knitty.com pattern. Made in Cascade fixation and not as bright as they seem! Her mittens and jaeger and rowan again. Same pattern, my own embellishment. They were in her Christmas stocking and when asked who made them she replied "Well, Santa can't knit so it must have been Mrs. Santa." Bless her, she'd even seen me making a pair of Twinkletoes for her friend and had asked for some. I love childhood innocence :)
This is a cardigan for me, but it is too tight across the shoulders so I am going to send it to one of my more petite friends. Sirdar Click yarn and pattern.
There is another pair of twinkletoes, the post felting Marie bag, 2 pairs of felted slippers and 2 sewn bags to come when I find the camera!
I'll also update you with some photos of Maddie's 3rd birthday, Amsterdam and Christmas over the next week.


Batty said...

Wow, you've been productive! They all look great, including the Calorimetrie. Wind headaches are awful, and anything that'll stop them will get my immediate seal of approval. In fact, now that I know it works, I'm off to get yarn to make one for myself.

Theresa said...

YAY! The Fuzzy Feet look wonderful! and I love the bunny mittens!

Zonda said...

They look awesome! Great knits there! :)

Mumsy said...

Ali, your work never ceases to amaze me...including that yummy roast lamb!

Also you looked gorgeous in that 'Calorimetry' headband thingy!

Ali said...

Your knitting is absolutely spot on! I swear you have fine stitch definition. Congrats on all your FO's for 2006. Love, Ali too

Rain said...

Happy New Year! I hope it's a god one. I love the bags and the mittens.