Monday, January 22, 2007


Sunday is DH's morning for a lie-in. Our lovely girls decided that 6am was a good time to up...So, we made bagels!

I've cast on for a pair of socks knit in Rowan Calmer, I'm using the pattern from Easy Knitted Accessories (Jeannette Trotman) but have converted it to be knit in the round. My MIL has to go into to hospital soon and I thought a pair of snuggly bed socks would be good comfort.
Ironing calls....Happy Monday!


picperfic said...

woh...bagels!! They look delicious! I will give Lin a ring...X

penelope pitstop said...

Blog stalking begins!

Hope you had a good day. The bagels look lovely, I bet they were finished quickly.
Is it snowing with you yet?

Take care, I'll be in touch soon x


I've never seen homemade bagels before! I like the new blog design, very sleek. Please wish your MiL all the best for her hospital stay from me. Bedsocks are a great idea, she'll be the envy of the ward.

Anonymous said...

Your bagels look delicious! How nice of you to make MIL bedsocks, I bet she will cherish them.