Thursday, November 02, 2006

A catch-up!

Phew - Where did October go? It's already the 2nd November and we had the first proper frost of the season last night. The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days, crisp and sunny. Really pretty weather :)

Do you remember I posted a few scarves and bags a while back? They were for a gallery in Haddenham, Ely (Cambs, UK), the village Mum lives in :) The owners have accepted my work on a sale or return basis and so far my frilly edged Noro bag has sold. It's really exciting! I'm working on a Sari Silk bag with acrylic (the hard stuff, not yarn) handles to send up at the moment.

Loads of photos to follow!

More Hallowe'en piccies - A witch pumpkin and a ghost one. You can see the pricked line on the witch one but I'm still proud of it :)


And now for some fancy dress costumes. Both girls wanted to be flower fairies for Hallowe'en! These are not good photo's but you get the idea of their costumes.

Emilia as a Fuschia Fairy. Her favourite flower, she loves 'popping' them open :)

Maddie as a Daisy Fairy (with a pokey out pot belly!) I loved painting the petals.

Arggh! All my knitting photo's disappeared. I'll try again on another post, It was much easier when I used Hello!

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