Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bonfires and Booties

It's been another fun few days!

We've made fireworks using toilet rolls, tissue paper, sparkly wrapping paper and glitter glue.

We've had fireworks in the garden in celebration of Guy Fawkes Night.

Maddie has been making funny faces :)

And I've made these little booties for a friends baby boy. We're going to his naming celebration on Saturday and although they have asked people not to bring presents, I couldn't not make something little. Don't they make you want to have 10 tiny toes to fit in them....? They are the Billy pattern from RYC Classic Baby, made in RYC classic baby, I think it is called that. It is my favourite yarn ever. SO So soft, softer than Jaeger baby merino and I thought that was pretty soft!

Until tomorrow when i should have the first pair of Christmas present mittens finished to show you, Have a great day!


Brittany said...

That face is so adorable!

I love all the colours on the desk that the girls are working on!

Areli said...

Cute girls and cute booties, love the picture where they are all absorbed in making their fireworks.

Rain said...

It looks like the girls had a lovely time.

Those booties are adorable.

Jessica said...

Your kids are too cute and those booties are adorable! :)