Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4th - Happy Birthday Little Brother

It's my youngest brother's birthday today - Happy Birthday Laurie xxx

He starts a new job in Northern Ireland today as well, wish him luck. It's a trial for a few days to see how he likes it, and how they like him. He may or may not go back to Southampton next week :)

Here's a hat of my own design knitted in Rowan Cork. Less than 1 ball and it fits an average mans head. Pattern to come on my other site.

Here are the finished Saxon socks. I wouldn't use this pattern again, it has funny shaping at top of the ankle and it too baggy round the ankle. It's a good showcase for the Noro though. I've decided not to use this colourway for my jumper. All the itchiness goes when you felt the silk garden :)

Off to the LYS later, her Noro rep is coming tomorrow and I want to order some silk garden in a colourway she doesn't stock. She does layby, so I won't have to buy it all at once but I'll know she still has the same dye lot saved for me. I'm going to make the jumper on the front of Simply Noro, the same book that the Saxon Socks came from.

I wore my Klaralund yesterday and had a compliment on it at the school. I was asked if I bought it from Marks and Spencer and was very happy to tell her that I made it!

Does anyone have any ideas how I can advertise my stitch markers and jewellery? I can't afford the $100 fee for Knitty, nor the £30 for Magknits, though I may have to stretch to that.

I've got an offer for everyone involved in the current Spooky SP on the Knitty board. 10% off your order. I can post direct to your recipient. I'm also offering a free marker if you buy 5, this can be combined with the 10% offer. Please take a look
I promise not to keep mentioning this!

Happy Wednesday,

Ali x


Rain said...

The colourway came out lovely in the socks.

I personally never look at the ads in the likes of Magknits. It might be worth trying to get your stitch marker blog listed on certain rings/ blog directories like girls blog uk or blogging brits.

irishmama said...

Love the hat, the colors in the socks look great

Anonymous said...

Sorry the patttern didn't work out so well. The colors are stunning, though. It's nice to know that you don't seem to need to make your socks match perfectly. The other sock wearers in the family actually like them to be slightly different from each other.

I love the hat.


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