Monday, October 16, 2006


Here's my finished Jack bag, pattern available at

I used Texere Yarns Jamaica, orange for the scary side and pink for the happy side. If I made this bag again I would seam it differently as the whip stitch has given it a wobbly edge which irritates me! I also would do it in intarsia as she suggests, I used the fair isle method for some of the bits and you can see the orange in the black. Jack was approximately 22in high and 14in before felting. He's now the size of a Rowan Magazine!


I'm p'ed off. Someone I sent something to in a knitting game has been bitching about it. If she had a problem then why didn't direct the question to me rather than posting it on a forum. People who know me will know that usually I don't care about things like this, but the underhand way things have been dealt with have really upset me. I thought all knitters were great people but maybe I am wrong.


Zonda said...

Nice job on Jack!! I like the pink/orange/black combo! Thanks for the hint on using the whipstitch too! I better get cracking on mine! :)


I am continually amazed at how damn nice most knitters are. In fact, I have managed to build an entire social life here in the North East based pretty much entirely on knitters and their families. So it is always sad when not everyone conforms to these usually high standards and I know I would react the same as you in this situation. You deserve far better.

But I also strongly believe that if you hold onto thoughts and feeling like this too much it can be damaging to yourself. So be angry/upset for a moment or two, get it out of your system and then remember how rare it is to encounter someone like this in the knitting community and try to let it go.

Faerynuff said...

Your right, PP. It's forgotten now. Another story of life to learn :)

I just received 3 parcels of yarn - how could knitters not be great!?!

Faerynuff said...


turtlegirl76 said...

Oh believe me. I know very well how the knitting community is full of all sorts of people. You only have to get burned once to learn it though. Fortunately, there are many more kind-hearted, generous knitters out there to wipe away the pain that the jerks cause.

(And cool jack bag!)

ChiChiRoo said...

I saw your socks on the forum, and I thought they were beautiful! It's so cool that you took the time to hand dye them. That's above and beyond! :)

Debbie Jeanne said...

i wish you had knit socks for me! I'm still waiting......and yours are beautiful. I love the colors.

Debbie Jeanne

glittrgirl said...

I am so pleased you are posting again! I love looking through ouyr blog, Ali. Lovely kniting and sewing, and pooooooo to nasty knitters. You are lovely :D

Minnesota Mazzio's said...

I am a fellow knitter from SW... And I just wanted to say that I am sorry she did that. I thought it was wrong and your socks were amazing. I too am having a rough expereince in the game and I was blown away that she acted like that. You produced beautifully hand dyed socks...

I love Jack BTW.