Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A wedding, three socks and a cardi!

We went to Al and Sarah's wedding this weekend. Wonderful weather, wonderful wedding, fantastic people. I always get a bit sad at these gatherings as we have such a wonderful group of friends from Uni and we only seem able to all get together at weddings. This could be the last wedding of our lot though :( We've agreed to meet up at Bristol Zoo soon. That'll be fun, at least 20 people!
My Jez carving the pork at out table. Each table had a designated carver for the main course. A brilliant idea and it made us all laugh. The beauiful couple. They are in Australia now, we'll see them again soon hopefully.

I made this today, half a pair of Saxon socks from Jane Ellison's Simply Noro I think. It needs a wife and felting!
This is Zoe's cardi, Sidar Denim Ultra. I added the cables myself. Next time I would add more stitches either side of the cables to stop them pulling so much. Hopefully it fits and Sharon will send me a photo xxx
The socks I made for Sock Wars, My victim hasn't shown herself so I hope she is still playing. Anyway as long as Royal Mail behave themselves, she will be dead tomorrow! Mwahhahahah
Sorry for any spelling mistakes and bad grammar...I'm off to bed!


Zonda said...

Nice socks there! The cardi is really cute!

That cake is too cool!

Rain said...

Zoe's cardi is lovely.

irishmama said...

Looks like a great wedding. Where do you get the time for all your knitting, I love the cardi.