Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some more knitterly bits, and two crocheted scarves :)

A Sari Silk slinky scarf, with Louisa Harding kimono ribbon as the base chain.
A Slinky scarf in Jo Sharp DK wool given to me by Urban Pagan. A felted Kureyon bag, my own design :)
I made this cardigan for our friends who've just had their first baby. The pattern is Elly from Classic Babies and the yarn is Debbie Bliss wool cotton.

And Finally...I thought you'd like to see a piccy of the crochet blanket in use. We all love it, it has such a heavy comforting feel to it.

I know I've not written much, I've got sinusitis again and feel yukky!


Anonymous said...

Awesome FO's! I love the boga bag, you did a great job.

Rain said...

It's good to see the blanket is well loved.

The baby cardi is very pretty.

irishmama said...

My kids do the same with the blankets I've made for them. Love all the things you just made. The bag is beautiful, and I love the baby cardigan

pinkphish said...

I just noticed that little cardi- it's so pretty. Love the blanket too.