Thursday, July 27, 2006

More finished knits - Bags this time

Emilia had 3 teachers in her reception year, Miss Harries - her main teacher, Mrs Gilbert - the teacher assistant who held a teaching degree and Mrs Shaw who was the supply teacher. I didn't want to give them mugs or sweets so made them each a special bag. This is Mrs Shaw's bag. Made in Anchor Magicline cotton held double. Knit on 5.5mm needles and lined with bright yellow sheeting :) The sparkle you can see is R2 sparkly stuff, single strand. Loosely based on a pattern from 25 bags to knit.
This is Miss Harries' Sophie bag before and after felting, she was a special teacher so I wanted to make something that took a bit longer. I used Noro Kureyon, 3 different skeins and it felted brillinat after 1 go in my frontloader. Lined in dark blue twill.
This is Mrs Gilbert's bag. Anchor Magic again - held double which gives a lovely gradual change between colours. Pattern from Emma King's 25 bags to knit.

Here's the link for the 10 minute tank pattern
scroll down to find the 10 minute tank. Also, take a look at for some more inspired designing.

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Rain said...

What a fab idea for presents. They all looks great. The staff must have been delighted with them.

The girls both look great in their tops. I especailly like the one you made for Maddie, the colours lok fantastic together.