Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Swimming Hedgehog - You Rock!

Yes, I've been away. Haven't actually been anywhere but life has simply got in the way of blogging and web-ing recently. I've been ill and had lots of visitors, but Emilia is back to school today after the Easter break (and I am missing her immensely) so things are getting back to normal :)

Monsieur Le Post has just arrived (I know that is not the correct french for postman, but it always raised a laugh with Mrs Jabal-Ameli, my secondary school french teacher and it has stuck) with a humungously huge box of fantasmagorical delights for me and my girls! All the way from Norway no less, I'll do some sleuthing this evening whilst DH is at Pilates before I 'out' the wonderful Swimming Hedgehog.

So, what was in the box....

2 Bars of Reeces Nutrageous, YUM

A box of Reeces Pieces, YUM YUM

Yummy continental Milk Chocolate, YUM YUM YUM!

The most gorgeous hand cream I have ever tried - even better than the Clarins one I swear by!

A simply beautiful pair of earrings - did you make them yourself? I have tried and tried to get the hang of wire wrapping but just cannot do it.

2 packages for the girlies, Maddie kissed hers before opening it and was overjoyed with the stickers! Emilia will have hers when we get home from school.

A beautifully made pair of beaded wristwarmers, perfect for this weather. Maddie claimed one of the them, she likes to be the same as mummy :)

and then there was yarn!

3 balls of mulit coloured 4 ply cotton, adorable

3 balls of Alpaca boucle called FAERYTALE, how cool is that!

and 6, uh-huh that's 6 balls of Lana Grossa Brilla!

I am feeling so spoiled, and bad for being away from knitty for so long too.

Swimming Hegdehog, you have made me feel like a million dollars. I'm so priviledged to have had you as my SP.

Thank you xxx

My earrings, please excuse the bad photo and shadow!

Maddie wearing one of the super soft wrist warmers.


Anonymous said...

Tee hee! I'm glad you liked it! It's been a priviledge spoiling you! :-)

Rain said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill, hope you're feeling better.

What a lovely parcel.

gourdongirl said...

Welcome back to the world of knitting and blogging.


amylovie said...

Wow! She really did spoil you.


muvva said...

you are so spoilt! I love those wrist warmers showing us those fat little skingers of maddies!
Love you lots and miss you more!