Friday, March 24, 2006


Thanks for all your comments on yesterdays post. The Clapotis and other present have now been posted and the worry is out of my sight now :)

I've been working on E's birthday costume and I will update with pics this evening.

I've just been into town for a wander around and bought some Stylecraft Scirocco, a cotton/linen slubby blend. It is for a spring bolero for me. Again, pics later. The lady in the yarn shop was lovely, she has started stocking Noro, only Silk Garden but it is a start. I promised to bring my Klaralund in to show her. She's also got the Almerino by Laughing Hens/Rooster yarns. Really squooshy and the colours are gorgeous but it is quite expensive at £4.95 per 50g. I told her why I prefer Rowan over Debbie Bliss and she promised to start stocking some Rowan as soon as they have sorted out a new rep for this area (maybe I shoud ring them and offer my services...)

School time now, Happy knitting x

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