Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring Sunshine

The light in the front was beautiful earlier this afternoon, about 5pm. We've not had much sunshine recently so I grabbed my camera and shot the light on the Twisted Hazel.

Maddie wanted to get in on the action too!


I am living in urban backwater h&ll.
Apparently none of the smaller chemists in Barnstaple will have a pharmacist on duty between 1 and 2pm. They all go to lunch at the same time. They don't have more than one pharmacist on duty. I couldn't get any decongestants after finishing my food shopping because of this. I HAD to go into the town to the big chemist there.
I was in pain, my sinuses felt like they had tampons shoved in them, expanding minute by minute. (eurgh).
It made me cross, and some woman told me it was part of the charm of living here. Charm, my @rse!
There you are, that's it. A small thing, made huge by pain.


Anyhow, I'm off to ebay some more jewellery and stitchmarkers. Yarnfaery is my Ebay username if you want to see them...

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