Monday, March 06, 2006

SP Goodies and a great weekend

Had a lovely weekend. Mum and Barry came down to stay and it was so lovely because we haven't seen them for ages. Sometimes you just need your Mum!

I took Mum to a stained glass workshop on Saturday, it was her Mother's Day gift. It was a different workshop to the last one. This time we were working in the Tiffany technique, using copper foil to wrap the edges of the glass before soldering them together. I really enjoyed it and made a small mirror with gorgeous aqua shades around it. I also made a pink heart for Emilia to hang in her window. Not quite finished, it needs some beads and wire.

Mum and Barry bought me Knitted Babes, a book I have had my eye on for ages. I've almost finished my first Babe and can't wait to go small ball stash busting to make her clothes!

This is what my fantastic SP, Swimming Hedgehog sent me in my first package. Cleverly rerouted through Yorkie. Isn't it all yummy?! There were 3 Kinder eggs as well but they have been yummed up already :)

And here's a close up of the Mohair...

And another one, so many beautiful colours!

Then this arrived today, 2 balls of Opal Royal sock yarn with SPARKLES!!!! and a yummy handful of Ritter chocolates (which have been eaten already...). I remember Mum having Ritter choc when I was little and I've always liked it.

And a close up for you yarn pr0n people! Isn't it pretty? All I need to do now is remember who was in the Knitty Chat room when we were talking about sparkly sock yarns...

All in all I'm feeling pretty chipper at the moment, even with a poorly baby, Maddie has got Hand, Foot and Mouth and is quite grumpy with it, poor thing.

Thanks everyone at Knitty Coffeeshop last week, you know who you are :)

Ali x


amylovie said...

Lovely yarn p0rn.


Anonymous said...

/Swimming Hedgehog whistles innocently... Glad you liked it!

mf said...

OH MY!! I Never seen such cool Opal sock yarn!! I just don't live in the right country for my sock addiction I guess! ;o))
I bet they'll be beautiful!