Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Faceless and bald, yet cute.

Here's my first Babe from Knitted Babes. She has no hair or face, let alone any clothes but she is quite happy. She reminds me of an alien, maybe ET? She's made in an undyed handspun lace weight yarn that I swapped with SoapFiberGal last year. The yarn still had a lot of lanolin in it and sorted out my dry hands a treat! I doubled the yarn to make it 4ply and then dyed it using less than half a packet of strawberry kiwi koolaid.

I'm off to sew up an intarsia bag I made last October now...Photos to follow.

I'll alos be answering all the questions that you lovely lot have been posting on my blog. I've been so rude in not replying.

Happy Tuesday x


Zonda said...

Looking good so far! :)

Rain said...

She does look like an alien, but I'm sure she will be fantastic once she has a face and clothes.

soapy said...

she looks sooo cute!