Saturday, February 04, 2006

I learnt something new today

As part of my long term plan to meet some people here in Devon, I enrolled on a leaded glass panel course at the local college. I've never worked with glass or lead before and it was great fun...and I only got 1 little cut from the glass!

There are quite a few different processes involved in making the panel, and it took 5.5 hours to make, but seeing as I had not done it before I was really pleased.

This is the best photo I can get at the moment. Once all the putty has dried I'll hang it in the window and take another pic. Whaddya think? Not bad for my first try!

Went to Exeter yesterday, bought some new Rowan books, The Midas Touch, Classic Beach and Classic Bambinos. No yarn because the women in the shop were far too interested in their jewellery than serving customers! (ooh, I'm a maerdy cow at times!)

Off to do some housework now,



amylovie said...

It's beautiful! Way to go on your first project.


Pyewacket said...

How lovely! My mom used to do stained glass -- she created some beautiful pieces. Kudos for learning something new. :)

Rain said...

That's beautiful. I'd never have guessed it was your first project.

Skitten said...

That's fab! I love stained glass. What beautiful colours.

Where did you go in Exeter? I'm only an hour by train from Exeter, but have not managed to find a yarn shop there yet... I need an LYS!


You were quite right not to buy yarn - don't reward bad service if you can help it!