Thursday, September 01, 2005

Things to do!

Things to do!

1, All clothes washed and dried
2, All clothes put away
3, Girls toys sorted out into the right boxes
4, Suitcases packed with clothes etc for Tuesday night
5, Fridge emptied and washed
6, All kitchen cupboards washed
7, Glasses sorted – only keep the good ones
8, Video camera charged
9, Camera batteries charged
10, New address cards sent/emailed
11, Plants dug and potted up
12, Lawn mowed
13, Cheques paid in to bank
14, Magazine rack by pc sorted out
15, Both girls beds washed down


amylovie said...

Whew! Better get busy!


you forgot to put down 'put your feet up for ten minutes and have a cuppa' which is a very important thing to put on every 'to do' list so that you can cross it off and feel good when you've done it!

All the best for the move, will we see you in Bristol? I do hope so!

peri said...

all the best for the move ali - take care of you xxx (((hugs))) xxx

Tracy said...

Good luck with the move!