Monday, August 08, 2005

Just playing

Playing around with photo's in my blog.

This is E with her Grandad, she was helping to paint the kitchen...and yes, we do have a disco ball complete with motor and spotlight in our kitchen!

And here is Madeleine, finger painting with a chocolate yoghurt dessert. I've not bought them again!

These lilies were stunning until the rain came and bruised them. I took this photo but Mum has taken some fantastic photos of my garden as a memory for us when we move.

I quite like this blogger images photo malarky, takes longer than Hello but you can have more than 1 photo in a post.

Righty-ho, off to bed to start reading Knit Lit,

Ali x


Ali said...


I love the photos you post to your blog. The Disco Ball has got to be one of the ALL-TIME-BEST things I have ever seen in a kitchen. I know that if we knew each other in real life we would be great pals. Leaving a garden is like leaving your history, so sad. But, you leave a gift for another to enjoy. Love, Ali too :)

muvva said...

Your garden is a little bit of will create a new bit of heaven in Devon xxxx