Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A month since my last post

And I'm not going to post much either!

Maybe tomorrow?

All the designs at the above store are my own. Tigerlilith - You will get your stitch markers!


amylovie said...

Welcome back! For some reason, the link didn't work. I'm sure your designs are fantastic!



I think this works better:

Beautiful slippers Faery!


Thanks for your hugs on Knitty Faery! I am feeling much better this week and we're taking a few days off later this month to dogsit in Scarborough for our friends and I'm definitely looking forward to a little holiday.

mf said...

thew link is working properly.. Will try purlpower's suggestion

troodle said...

Hey Alison

Cannot find your email address anywhere....Thank you so much for your lovely card (so gorgeous - did you draw it?), I really appreciate it.

Hugs, Trudie