Saturday, June 11, 2005

My postman is my friend again! He brought my package from Ali today. SO many lovely things. I'm going to be making muscle men bags for Mum and Myself. I'm also going to RAK some of them as the kind Glittr did for me. Nail files - I always need nail files! they have gone straight in my purse! Yummy lip balm, it tastes so sweet and is ever so softening - Just as good as a Lush one....... A freezable shot glass (fun and games to be had!) and some deliciously scented shimmer body cream. It smells of sweet peas and papaya, it could be coincidence but I picked my sweet pea from the garden yesterday evening. I must have known! Thank you so much Ali. It was worth waiting for! xxxx


amylovie said...

I have never seen Twinkie lip balm before. How fun!

your muvva said...

can't wait for my muscle man bag...what is it?