Friday, June 10, 2005

I've had a knitty kind of day today. Only actually managed 4 rows of the Cotton Braid halter top (Kitty, from Beach Cool) that I am reknitting. The Medium size came out too wide and short for me :s The Knit1 magazine, card and Crystal Palace Musique were all from Cara across the pond (Quasartwin on Knittyboard). I made her some stitch markers and she was only meant to send me the magazine, so the ball of Musique was a wonderful surprise. I wonder what it will become.... I bought Knitting on the way to 'Sing a Rainbow' with the girls. It's got some good patterns in it this month. The postie then came at 2pm (yep, 2 blooming pm!) and handed me an Amazon parcel with the Jeannette Trotman Knitted accessory book. It's got some pretty things in it.Lucky me! On a more positive note, I am feeling a lot better today. The sunshine certainly helps!


Cara said...

Oh, yay! I'm glad you got your goodies. Sorry again about the delay. Your stitch markers are helping keep place in Clapotis as we speak.

-Cara (quasartwin)

P.S. If I come across any hideous flourescent acrylic, I'll know who to send it to. ;)

amylovie said...

Yummy swag. I'm knitting the Tie-front shrug on pg.25 of the Knit.1 Magazine as we speak, and have the yarn to knit the sweater on the cover.

Your girls are precious. I took my lovely ladies to the pool this morning as well. It's 97 degrees here in Houston today. I'm melting....I'm melting...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.