Monday, May 09, 2005


Today I am 30! Yay, I love birthdays, and presents lol! I'm finally over the horrid 'flu that had me in bed most of last week :(

I've been very spoilt, Dad and Maisie popped round last night with my presents, 3 fabby knitting books and a bottle of bubbly. The books are great, Folk Bags by Vicki Square, Felted Knits by Beveley Galeskas and New Knits by Erika Knight. Madeleine has given me a cute fairy bird feeder for the garden and Jez has arranged for me to have a morning of luxurious indulgence at the local Saks Salon next saturday. Emilia is still snuggled up in bed, wish I was!!!

I'm going out for lunch with my MIL today and then out for Tea with my Mum, a whole day without cooking!

Having my party next Saturday, it should be a good afternoon. I've not been involved in much of it at all, Jez is being Mr Secrets! Unfortunately not many of the Knitty crew can come :(, but the lovely Peri and family are coming and I can't wait to see her again.

Right then, off to give baby M her brekkie.

Take care and have a fantastic day!

Ali x



Happy Birthday to ya!
Happy Birthday to ya!
Happy Birthday!

Have a great 30th Faery Nuff

Peatbogfaery said...

Happy Birthday Ali!

Skitten said...

Happy birthday! Welcome to your thirties- you'll see, it's great really (from an old lag)

minxxy said...

haapy birthday Young 'un!
(I'll be 40 this year) hope you have had a fantastic day