Monday, April 25, 2005

Last weekend I met up with a fantastic crowd of knitty gals from We had just the best time! Here you can see Isobel, Sis (lol, that will forever be Lou's name!), Skitten, Jacqui and LittleMy choosing their lunch at the pub in Islington. We knitted, we ate, we knitted some more! Before lunch we had been to the crafts council to see the Knit 2 together expo. It was fab! The moany, curators (for want of a better word) were very drab! Don't breathe on anything if you go and visit, and make sure that you wear a straight jacket as touching is definitely banned! You could do some broomstick knitting or huge french knitting, but I wanted to bury my face in the fleecey, puffy, yummy thing that the Japanese artist had created! Posted by Hello

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