Thursday, April 28, 2005

Just stuff

I didn't get any knitting done yesterday. Instead I made my birthday invitations. I was going to buy them but the ones that I liked were £4 for 8 cards! Extortionate I say!

The girls at the Knitty Board
have been great suggesting themes and party games. I have decided on a Tea Party with lots of silly games for adults and kiddies.

J is away tonight so I don't need to cook which means more knitting time! I'm about a third done on his 2nd slipper and hope to get it finished tonight.
I went to find out about some premises for my yarn business this afternoon. It is a place with about 16/17 'workshops' but unfortunately they are all full at the moment :( I am on the waiting list now and the chap I spoke seemed really positive and enthusiastic when I told him what I would be using the unit for. Now I need to work on my business plan a bit more!

Mum, Madeleine and I went to Lyndhurst this afternoon for a spot of lunch and gentle shopping whilst Emilia was at playschool. My lunch was gorgeous, warm goats cheese salad and sticky toffee pudding (or Stiffy Tockee pudding as my Grandma called it last night!). There is a gorgeous shop in Lyndhurst called The Country Parlour, I can always find goodies in it and ended up buying a few things to finish off my Sp's final parcel as well as some RAK's.

I'm a useless SP. My boxes are always full of things that I would love myself but I am so bad at getting them posted. I'm really sorry. I've decided to maybe sit the next 2 rounds out and concentrate on RAK-ing instead.

Off to knit now, Good Evening everyone!

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