Monday, April 25, 2005

Emilia was in her first Ballet show this weekend. She was a dragonfly along with all the other little girls in her baby ballet class. It was so emotional seeing my little 4 year old dance on stage in front of 400 people. What a star, I'm really proud of her xxx It was a perfect ending to a horrid week. On wednesday I had to go to Winchester for the appeal to get her into the school that we wanted her to go to but she was refused due to high numbers of applicants. It was the most intimidating, horrible thing I have ever done, worse than any job interview or exam. I fell to pieces. Unfortunately the appeal was unsuccessful and Emilia will be going to our second choice school. Not that it is inferior, just a lot smaller, about 50/60 children in total and her best friend is going to the other school :( She is a good girl though and is looking forward to big school regardless. Posted by Hello

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peri said...

Pooh - poor you - having a mad/bad week! But your little one looks sooooo sweet and obviously talented, I'm sure that made up for all the rubbish stuff. A perfect little dragonfly!

Love all the new pictures as well, especially the London ones and the bobbles - cool. I'll tell Mike what you said- he enjoyed himself!