Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bear with a sore head

I didn't have the best day yesterday, both girls were really demanding and I was feeling groggy and low. Emilia is definitely ready for school now, even though she is only just 4. Bless her, she just wants to know everything about everything!

Madeleine changes every day. Her speech is coming on fantastically, she now says Juice, Teddy, Mummy, Daddy, Mimi (for Millie), peep-po, boo, woof woof, baa, Na (for yes) and No. She understands everything though, which is great! She is already 17 months, wow!

I'm half way through Jez's first slipper, He liked Millie's so much that he wants some for himself. He has UK size 12 feet so the unfelted slipper is going to be huge! I've signed myself up for two knit-a-longs. The Asana-a-long and the Wave Skirt from Interweave Knits Spring 05. I'm going to use Rowan Calmer for the Asana top, and will be ordering some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for the skirt today.

Off to get the play dough out for Millie now, Byesy Bye ;)

BTW Emilia and Millie are the same...though Emilia can be naughtier than Millie at times :)

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