Friday, January 14, 2005

Sock it to me!

My first sock. I'm not overly pleased with it, but have made another one and plan to turn them into slipper socks with the addition of some fabric paint on the soles. I used the pattern in SnB for Pippi Kneestockings but made them shorter (obviously!) Unfortunately the plonker in me didn't check the yarn gauge properly and assumed I was meant to use sock yarn when in fact the pattern uses double Knitting/sport weight yarn. D'oh!

I'm full of cold at the moment, both the girls are poorly too. I'm in a knitting fug...I want/need to knit but nothing is satisfying me. I keep starting new projects, maybe I am a chain knitter. Y'know the sort, always starting something new before finishing the current thing!

I started Birch from Rowan 33 (I think) yesterday. It took me all evening to cast on and I have managed 2.5 rows today. I'm hoping to have it done before we go away, as well as a few other bits for me and the girls. DH wants some socks so maybe I will make him some soon :)

Better start the girls tea now, they are running around like lunatics and driving me crazy!

Bless 'em!

Take care, have a fab weekend, Ali x

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