Thursday, January 06, 2005

My current WIP, a pair of socks in regia yarn. These are my practice pair, before I make a pair in the beautiful yarn that my wondeful Knitty SP Etcgirl sent me. Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

I just caught your updated notice on the knittyboard and popped in for a looky. Darling shots of your girls - my Sam had those grand buddha thighs too (sigh) so long ago. Now she's a lanky young woman, with thighs that will probably never touch - grrr.
Funny to see you doing "practice" socks - I'm doing the same!!! Teaching a friend to do toe-up socks in the process, using a Regia jacquard, and getting limbered up to use the "real" stuff. Tee hee.
Thanks for the lovely Chrissy card. Blessings to you, etcgirl