Thursday, January 06, 2005

Madeleine's hippy chic cardigan. This is a pattern from Rowan babies made using King Cole Magnum Multi yarn. It was so quick to make...the crochet edging took longer than the knitting of the cardi! Millie wants one now and so do I lol! Posted by Hello


zibibbo said...

Woo! It's about time you posted lady! What gorgeous children and oh boy I want one of those Hippy Chic Cardis too!! All the best to you and yours :)

Minxxy said...

Hunky Funky dory!
What a gem of a cardi... reminds me of the one from all seasons cotton that i did.retreat i think its called
All the very best for the new year ...........where the hell ya been??

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year !
Fab cardi ! It's really lovely.Fantastic pics of your gorgeous girls too.Those thighs are delicious ! ;-]
Spring will soon be here.