Monday, November 15, 2004

Merry Christmas Everybody!

We have had a gorgeous weekend, the weather was sunny and crisp, the children behaved themselves and I felt on top form!

Maisie, my little sister was staying with us for the weekend as my parents have gone to Prague. I took the girls to the beach on Saturday, it was so beautiful...I want to live at the beach!

On Sunday we went to see Father Christmas at Paultons Park. We went this weekend because it was cheaper for season ticket holders :) It is so wonderful there, the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were little stars the whole day.

I have been on a high since yesterday, I feel great! Went to a Body Shop party yesterday evening and have treated myself to some new face care bits as I am starting to look old and haggard!


Got in the car this morning to take Maisie to school and the blasted thing wouldn't start. So we had to run to get her to school and I haven't been able to take Millie to Playschool as it would take over an hour to walk there. GRRRR!

I'm off to finish Maddies pudding mittens :)and hopefully I'll find some chocolate in the cupboard!

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