Friday, November 19, 2004

I feel so spoilt! My wonderful SP has given me a little Animal Muppet tin of mints, a knitting ruler and needle gauge (perfect because it shows Canadian and US sizes on it as well as metric so no more hunting around the web to find out what size needle I need) a cute turquoise tape measure, A book of Canadian sayings to make me laugh - I flicked through the book and have already had a giggle, A bag of fantastic JellyBelly beans, yum! (Millie and I have already had a couple as she loves them too) and a knitting journal - SP, how did you know that I had one on my amazon giftlist? You are fantastic!!!! I feel cherished and my mood has lifted so much. Thank you xxx Posted by Hello


peri said...

Ohhhh you are such a lucky girl - I'm pale green from envy - lol. What a wonderful and thoughtful sp you have.
Love Peri x.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a crazy happy dance that you finally got my package! I've been in suspenders ever since I sent it off, hoping that you'd have as much fun as I did putting it together. Who knew the bonus was that I'd have so much fun watching this too!!!

Enjoy every warm thought.