Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bonfire Night!


Last night was the celebration of Guy Fawkes being defeated in his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Fireworks and bonfires were lit all over the country.

My Dad, little Sister, Brother and his Fiancee all came round for a little party. It was good fun, Millie wasn't scared and they weren't too noisy either!

Next door had to keep letting their dog out because she loves fireworks! How mad is that?!

I cooked a huge pan of chilli with chick peas and kidney beans which we ate with brown rice, half fat creme fraiche and tortilla chips. YUM!

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peri said...

Sounds like a brilliant night - we're going to Groombridge tonight for fireworks to music. They have a Victorian Fairground as well, so should be fun. Thanks for the comment - they had a great time at the party - I think Mike enjoyed it as much as Jakob (who's 7), they got some funny looks walking along Hove seafront
The spider cake went down very well.. I make it each year and the kids love it. Take care, love Peri.