Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Now, I do not understand all this bandwidth business, but if I am stealing anyones bandwidth, please let me know and I will rectify the situation :)

Been going scarf crazy over the last couple of days. Made a blue grey one out of cashmerino and KSH, 2/3 way through one in Elle Plume (need to go to LYS to get some more yarn) and I have just started a lacy one in rainbow coloured mohair. It is only a little over 6 weeks to Christmas now, so my fingers need to get moving!

I am going to my first Post Natal Depression group tomorrow. It is a 12 week course run by the local Health Visitors. They have been trying to get me to go for ages now so I have bitten the bullet and said yes. If it is dreadful I don't have to go back...please don't make me go back! lol

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Minxxy said...

Just remember, if you have to go back then you have to go back! Rome wasn't built in a day and one meeting at Alcoholics Anonymous won't stop the person from being drink dependant...it may take time!! Just think, 12 weeks is such a small sacrafice, time wise, in comparison to feeling good for the rest of your life!
Go Girl and complete the course..... then if it's rubbish you have a right to express that opinion cos you stuck at it, a MAJOR achievement in itself!!
Small steps get you there just as much as gigantic leaps!!!
I have every faith in you....and await a week by week , blow by blow account online!!