Friday, October 15, 2004

Silly Me

Never go food shopping to the busiest food shop in the area with 2 tired children and a grumpy Mum. That is all I will say, you can invent the rest of the story and you wouldn't be far wrong! Just make sure that you include the bit about me (the grumpy Mum) having to take painkillers for a headache when I got home!

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Minxxy said...

Yes I hace been playing with my blog... I received an e mail from a friend Donna telling me how to link her and i figured the rest out for myself. It is easy when you read all the blurb on your template, fiddle and preview to see what you have changed. It's all to do with HTML and stuff. I dont think i have your e mail. If you send it to me i will e mail you the details.

It's all in the fiddling!!