Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Not sure where I fit

I went to a Cushion design workshop run by Debbie Abrahams and Rowan on Saturday. The workshop itself was great, and Debbie Abrahams is very inspirational, as well as being extremely, friendly, bubbly and approachable. Unfortunately I had to leave early due to another migraine (I am still trying to get rid of it now. I really must do something about these migraines, i am getting one at least every 2 weeks and they last 2-3 days :o(...that's by the by though!)

The reason for this post is that going to this workshop made me feel young, as I was by far the youngest one there on the day. Most of the women were friendly, but I still got the impression that they didn't think I could or should knit, let alone be on the course. I've been knitting off and on since I was 6, so that makes 23 years!

Yesterday at playschool, all the Mum's seemed to be older than be, yet more youthful...does that make sense?

I am really feeling my age at the moment, although I am not old I am feeling old. I need some energy and vibrancy in my life. Maybe I should have a long bath tonight and pamper myself...might even paint my toenails bright red!

It's a horrid feeling and I hope it passes and that I find my niche in life soon.

Ali x

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Minxxy said...

Keep your chin up Ali!
I dont think you ever find your niche.....well I havent yet!!! You may find it for that particular time of your life then it changes again! although I love my children dearly, I didn't enjoy them when they were under 3 and prayed for bedtime every day so I could be me again and not Kerry and Leigh's Mum... know what I mean? I am getting time to myself again now that Kerry has left home (Uni) and Leigh is growing up (she's 11), I am refinding all my creative talents that were just simmering away cos of limited free time. They are now erupting with full force !!!!
As for being the youngest at the knitting workshop...... dont give two hoots what other people think. You had every right to be there!! As a skinhead, Doc Marten wearing , vespa riding scooter girl ,knitting is the last thing people think i do.... but hey!!! dont judge a book by it's cover...open it and find the wealth of knowledge inside!!!!