Saturday, September 11, 2004

Tassel Tussel!

I have finally finished Emilia's poncho and I am very pleased with it. She looks gorgeous and snuggly when wearing it and she doesn't stop swishing in it! The tassels took forever though...especially when baby Madge kept crawling off with my piles of strands!

We went to see Blue at Legoland, Windsor last saturday. As we have season tickets it was free and we had a wonderful time. We left baby with my parents and just took Emilia with us. I think it is important for the girls to have some uniterrupted 'me' time with us. Blue were very good, better than I thought they would be, they sang live and they can really dance. Not really my music but good for a happy day out :o)

I think that we have a weekend of housework...grr! Maybe we will get to go the coast for a walk. Hopefully we will be booking our holiday today as well. We are going to New Zealand for 4.5 weeks next February/March. I can't wait...think of all that Possum yarn!


Minxxy said...

lucky lucky you!!!
I wish i could go to the sun but as Ive a daughter just off to uni my holidays are curtailed for the next 4 years!!!
Bah Humbug!

Faerynuff said...

We are saving for our girls education already, having both been to Uni we know how much it costs (even more now!) Grr!