Thursday, September 02, 2004

On my wedding day. It was a fantastic day, full of happiness and life. Posted by Hello


Faerynuff said...

My Mum made my dress, 3 of the Bridesmaid's outfits, 4 of the waistcoats for the men, loads of the food...she is wonderful x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding photo of you,and gorgeous children.Lovely jacket and fab button !


peri said...

Hi, I thought I'd return the compliment and post on your blog - which I have to say I think is awesome. What lovely photo's, especially your little ones. The one of your wedding day is lovely to. We're just approaching our 17th anniversary but I have no idea where the photo's are - perhaps a good thing - as I'll never be that thin again. Bw's Peri.

Minxxy said...

your dress looks fantastic! Any chance of a full length view?
I have also started a recent blog.Are you having fun with yours?? Im getting my head around it but am enjoying it so far! I hope to keep it up!