Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Madeleine's Birth Story

Madeleine was 2 hours old when this photograph was taken :o)

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Faerynuff said...

On Monday 24th November I went into the Princess Anne Hospital to be induced. This is something I really wanted to avoid but things were just not happening and I was worrying about my unborn baby's health. I rang the hospital at 8am and they asked me to come in at 10am. I took my time getting there, we wanted to make sure that Emilia was settled with my parents before we went.

I got to the Hospital at 11am, wasn’t examined until 12pm and didn’t get the first lot of prostin (pessary not gel) until 3pm. Jez brought in his laptop and my brother had lent us the Back to the Future DVD so we watched that in the evening. Nothing happened at all and at 11pm they decided to give me another dose of the stuff. Jez and I were extremely bored and felt as though we had completely wasted a day that we could have spent with Emilia. Jez went home for a sleep after that under strict instructions to bring me some decent food in the morning! Immediately after he left the contractions started, not incredibly painful but I had to stop reading and breathe through them. That was 11:30pm…the next thing I knew it was 6am the next morning! The contractions had stopped completely :o(

Tuesday 25th November
They moved me back onto the main ward at about 8am and I had to wait for the Dr before they could give me another dose of prostin – wasn’t particularly happy about having any more of the stuff as it really didn’t seem to be working. I thought the Dr would want to see me, but the midwives just had to check with him that it was okay to give me the 3rd dose.

In the meantime, my Aunty arrived. She is a senior community midwife in the Southampton area and specialises in reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure and reiki for pain relief and inducing labour (amongst other things, she really does have a magic touch!) She gave me a wonderful treatment at 9:30am. I was not having a single contraction at this point. She had to leave at 10 as she had visits to make. At 10:15 I started having contractions and at 11am I was 2-3cm dilated. Woo Hoo…no more prostin thanks to my Aunty! By 12 I was barely coping with the contractions so went down to the delivery suite.

Here they broke my waters at 12:40pm after another painful internal. I couldn’t believe how much liquor there was, it went every where! I started screaming and shouting at this point and was told by the matronly midwife that if I kept screaming I would lose my voice! I am such a coward with pain, I really was making a horrible noise! Lol, the poor midwives, I still feel embarrassed about it now.

I was demanding an epidural at this point as I was 5cm and didn’t realise that you can go from 5cm to 10cm in a matter of minutes. They put the venflon in and an anaesthetist arrived very quickly, but the midwife hadn’t yet got the drips ready (she was stalling for time as she knew I was about to have a baby lol) so the anaesthetist went again. Then…..I had a strong urge to push and was found to be 10cm. I knelt up on the bed and was biting on the mouthpiece of the entonox (it makes me feel sick so I only had the mouthpiece, it wasn’t connected to anything) through the contractions. Poor Jez had already had his hand and t-shirt bitten by me as I needed to bite through the pain.

I was paranoid about opening my bowels during labour and this slightly inhibited my pushing but the urge was so strong that I just had to push. All this time I was waiting for my mum to arrive. We rang her at 12 and she said she was on her way (She only lives 15 minutes from the hospital)

Suddenly they said that the head was through and the cord was wrapped around the neck, but it wasn’t a problem as it was very loose. 3 or 4 pushes later and our baby was born. I heard the midwives say ten two and thought that was the weight of the baby.,. I was horrified! LMAO @ me because the cord hadn’t even been cut at that point! The midwives let Jez find out the sex and he told me we had a little girl. She was then passed between my legs so I could cuddle her. Jez cut the cord once it had stopped pulsating and I had the injection to speed up the delivery of the placenta.

Madeleine Pixie was born at 1:50pm on Tuesday 25th November after a 3 hour and 50 minute labour. She weighed 8lb and 8oz. Exactly the same as her big sister. Other similarities/coincidences between the two are that they were both born on a Tuesday, both over a week late (Emilia 17 days, Madeleine 13 days) Emilia was born on my mum’s grandma’s birthday and Madeleine was born on Jez’s Grandma’s birthday.

Mum arrived at 2.05pm. She had spent 45 minutes trying to park. She was so upset and angry at the lack of parking at the Hospital. We have promised that we will have another baby so she can be there for the birth, she was at Emilia’s.

I had a 2nd degree tear and lots of stitches and have been left with a dreadful back ache. My SPD hasn't gone completely and the sciatica is negligible. All in all it was a wonderful experience, even though it was hugely painful. I am sure that the rescue remedy and homeopathic doodahs helped me cope. Really could have used some ‘hard’ drugs though lol!

Jez is a fantastic birthing partner who instinctively knows what I need. He is wonderful :o) The Midwives who delivered Madeleine were also wonderful (Frances Bassett and Alex something) I could not have asked for 3 better people to help me through it! I jst wished my Mum had been able to get there in time.

We now have two beautiful daughters and are extremely happy…both Jez and I are already looking forward to the next pregnancy in a few years time!