Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Emilia Lucie's Birth Story

Emilia Lucie at 24 hours old. You can read her birth story by clicking on the comments clicker.Posted by Hello


Faerynuff said...

Emilia Lucie Webb was born at 3.45 on the morning of Tuesday 10th April 2001. Only 17 days late! It was quite a long labour with contractions starting on Saturday afternoon. I'd had a Bowen (www.bowtech.co.uk) treatment on the saturday morning to get me started which seemed to work.

I went into hospital on Monday afternoon with Jez. After I had the epidural at about 8.30ish, Jez rang my Mum and said she could come in and see me. Dad had told her not to come home until she was a Grandma because she was so restless!

Mum came and I said that she could stay as long as she left the room whilst Emilia was being born. Fine! But then things progressed quite quickly and lots of equipment and trolleys were brought into the room. Emilia was born by ventouse so that machine was brought in, along with the delivery trolley with all the bits on it and a resuscitaire just in case. Once all this was in the room, Mum could not go anywhere so stayed quietly in the corner! It was lovely to have her there and Jez and I were very happy about her being there. Just knowing she was in the room with me was encouraging.

Emilia had become distressed in the womb and had passed some meconium, so virtually as soon as she was born, she had to have her stomach washed out. It was very distressing to watch, but essential for her health. She also had a cephalhaematoma due to the way she was positioned in the birth canal, this went down after a few weeks though.

I had an episiotomy due to the ventouse but as I had an epidural, I didn't feel a thing!

Jez (my Husband) was very good with the encouragement, he really helped me to stay focussed on the job in hand. He wasn’t squeamish at all and watched just about everything! I don’t know how he did it...I certainly couldn’t be a midwife!

I moved to the Hythe birthing centre as soon as I could after having both children. I like the security of a large hospital during labour, but can't bear the noise and busy-ness of them after having the children. Next time I may consider a home birth.

She latched on very easily and quickly became a hungry feeder. It did hurt for a while, but I used nipple shields which helped a lot. I ended up breastfeeding her for almost 12 months.

She is a wonderful child and we can’t imagine life without her now!

Faerynuff said...

I bf her for 14/15 months actually!