Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What am I working on at the moment?

1 - A poncho for my eldest daughter in turquoise, lavender and mauve All Season's Cotton
2 - A poncho for my youngest daughter in pink Sirdar Snuggly
3 - A Black Sweater for me - Red Hot from Rowan last summer
4 - A Flower Power throw from Debbie Abraham's Blankets and Throws to knit
5- A white cardigan in Paton's Bella for my eldest daughter
6- A pink poncho for me in Sirdar Country Style

and finally!

7- The Karis poncho in Kid Silk Haze from this season's Rowan magazine.

I think I had better finish all of these before I do anything else...hmmm :o)


Minxxy said...

Hi there!!
I am interested to see you are working on flower power too!!!
It is the only project that i chuck in the back of the cupboard and haul out now and again cos i think it is hard going !!! All those squares!! How many does it take to cover a human!!!!

Faerynuff said...

haha! I pick this project up only when I ahve nothing else to do or need a break...it is going to take years!

Joeli said...

Hey, redsoxfanforever here (from the knitty boards)...

I was just looking through your profile and noticed that you listed Katie Melua as one of your favorite artists. I love her. I think she has an amazing voice and can't wait until she gets known in the states.

Anyways, great blog, i'll be coming back often.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison !
Welcome to the fab world of knitblogs !
Looking good.

Emma . [ www.emma.prettyposies.com ]